Sunday, January 15, 2012

A question of worth

This painting featured on the Antiques Road Show was appraised for $75,000. The appraiser marveled at how the artist used creative talents by mixing sand in the paint to create a texture within the circle. So how does a painting get to be worth so much?
It has to have a following, most likely in this case, artificially created by very experienced and smart businessmen and gallery owner who already has a very strong following and reputation. If not that, I believe this painting would fit into a hobbyist category.


Kurt said...

I saw that broadcast. What a joke, poor sucker that does pay 75,000 for it. Its just a example of how a NY Dealer created a artificial market. Has nothing to do with quality art. Sad but a lot of that is created by dealers to bring in dollars to their pockets.

Gary Dombrowski said...

$75,000? Really? For that amount imagine how many "real" pieces of art you could buy. What a joke. I wouldn't pay .75 for it. ~Gary

Anonymous said...

Wrong... it could increase in value. It has absolutely nothing to do with the painting itself. It's an investment. Nobody with $75K to throw around really cares about the painting. Art is often a safer way to invest than the stock market.