Sunday, January 15, 2012

Competition from abroad

Perhaps the only way to beat the competition is to have a strong following like I mentioned in the post above. Without that, one painting will always be compared to and put along side any other painting where status is concerned.
There are probably a thousand paintings on display here. Most of them are inferior quality but some are quite nicely done. And I dare say that nobody that I know trying to make a living as an artist can compete with this price structure and still leave something for the seller.

Below is a 24 x36" painting for $39. The stretchers and canvas alone will cost a good portion of that. You may not like the subject but would you even attempt to do a painting for that little? Think of how little the artist actually gets for his efforts.

Here are two 8 x 10" paintings including the frame for $10 each. These are original paintings, not prints.

This is a handsome 24 x 36" print, framed, matted, and under glass for $45. Try and compete with that!

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