Monday, August 21, 2006


I heard a conversation the other day about how humans think in words and that language is the base for all we do. But the artist, musician, and dancer don't use the a language based on words. Their language is one completely removed from words. Like any language, some people understand it intuitevly and some don't. When I paint there are no words going on in the process either verbally or in my head. It is a language without words.

Building a painting

Painting is like building a house. It goes quickly at first when the framing gets put up and you can visualize what the house is going to be but then after several months, the flooring and cabinets are still not in place. A painting is like that. It goes quickly at first and then gets slower and slower as minor adjustments have to be made and more considerations have to be taken into account as you progress towards a finish.