Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Discounted Artwork

If you find a collector in your studio who wants a discount on a painting, ask them if it is because they can't afford the work or because they don't think it is worth the price.
The real answer to the question is it gives them a sense of empowerment, and they become superior in some way by being the better business person. Unfortunately it makes the artist feel discounted, not just the artwork.
When a collector buys artwork, they are in many ways giving the artist a belief in himself and a stamp of approval. With the discount thing, it reduces any transaction to strickly business. It may save the buyer a few dollars which may be part of the prize but know that it says to the artist, "we think less of you."
This of course applies to work that is fairly priced to begin with and that is always subjective but I think most people will know what is fair and what is outrageous.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Take an Asprin, be an Artist

A lady came into my studio today and told me that she had done one painting in her life and then said, "I guess we are all artists." With that reasoning, I think the next time I see my doctor, I'll explain to him that I took an asprin once and that we are all doctors.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Truth about Giclee Prints

A Giclee print is nothing more than a print done on a ink jet printer probably like the one you have beside your computer at home. The only difference is that it might be capable of printing larger images, most of the time superior paper is used and six or seven inks are used instead of four. Other than that, when a gallery pumps you up about a Giclee print, it's mostly hype to make you think your getting something that is beyond what most others are incapable of doing. It's an ink jet print plain and simple.
In defence of most Giclee prints, they are very color fast. I've done tests and the inks are almost non fading over a years worth of sunlight which is quite incredible. I use an Epson printer that can print images 24 inches wide and however long the paper is. The quality can't be beat. Just don't let a gallery owner lead you to believe there is some magic in the term Giclee. It's a French word that means spray which is what an ink jet printer is.