Sunday, May 05, 2013

Painting in the Golden Hour

What is the golden hour? Put generally, it's the first hour after sunrise and the last hour before sunset, the time of day when the sun is lowest in the sky making shadows soft and color temperatures warm. The light that the sun gives us during the golden hour gives landscapes a rich hue not found during midday.
There is an app for scheduling a painting session around the golden hour called Golden Light. It uses your location and global weather data to tell you exactly what time the golden hour begins and ends.


After opening Golden Light for the first time, it will ask you for permission to use your location. If you agree, the Golden Light map will center on your location and you'll get the golden hour times right away. If you disagree, you'll have to choose your location manually. To select a future date to base your painting schedule on, tap the calendar icon in the upper right corner.
Golden Light is free and works on an iPhone or iPad. Type in "Golden Light" in your iphone app store icon on your phone to find app.
Similiar apps are available on the web for android phones.
Thanks to where I found this information.