Thursday, October 19, 2006

Donated Artwork

I have dontated countless pieces of my work to causes that seem to call on a weekly basis. But art has become nothing more than cheap entertainment for these fund raising events and lead you to believe that there is something of culture involved with the event. I have never attending one of these benefits where the art and artists were anything more than a side show for what are basically networking sessions for upwardly mobile socialites where wine and ordurves take center stage above all else. Artists know this and artwork donated is usually of second quality because of it. The promises of promotors that the artist will "get a lot of publicity" is just not true. I've been hearing it for more than forty years. If anything it may take hurt the artist by fulfilling the desire for a potential customer to own a piece of art. The artist may well be donating himself out of a potential customer.
I'm not against raising money for good causes and I still donate to most of them that come calling but the artist doesn't deserved being reduced to a Side Show Bob where wine is being spilled over the table next to the artwork and that case of oil that was donated by AutoZone. Donating art is not like giving something for auction that is manufactured. The artist puts down every stroke to the best of his or her ability and that takes time. More than that, the artist whether good or bad, tries to speak through his or her art and most of these events and auctions totally drown out everything the art has to say.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

An honored place for something you wouldn't really want.

I have often wondered why people will hang a painting in a prominent place in their home depicting something they consider unsightly when viewed in real life and would find objectionable if it were on their own property or in their neighbors yard. For instance a rusted tractor or a beat up shrimp boat; not something you want next door. We put these images in a place of honor in the home but choose only to be associated with them from afar. Art often reaches people in ways that real life cannot.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Art Centers

Thre are some very good art centers in the country, especially the ones in small towns but often art centers and art councils become organizations that are primarily concerned with keeping and maintaining their own jobs. They become less interested in the artists and more focused on fund raising, patrons, social activities, and place the artist at the very lowest end of concern. This is made most evident by art centers that ask artists to donate art for their fundraising activities and never consider giving back a percentage of the proceeds to the artist. In my opinion, art centers should serve the artist at least as much as the public.

Finishing a Painting

Finishing a painting, especially a larger one, is never like finishing a race and coming in first. It just doesn't comes with that sort of exhiliration. It's more like running out of gas.