Tuesday, November 21, 2006


You can know everything there is about painting and still not know how to paint. There is a link between your head and heart and your hand. Those elements must be closely connected. All your knowledge of painting has to be transferred from your knowledge and emotions to your hand and brush. That almost mystical communication just comes with time and cannot be accomplished by intellect alone no matter whether your a plumber, doctor, or an artist.

Learning Curve

I have found that my ability in painting does not increase in an upward curve. Rather it runs in a straight line for months at a time, sometimes longer and then suddenly jumps to the next level quite by surprise. For me, reaching the next step on the ladder comes not by trying to hurry to that next wrung but instead by slowly and steadily working my way upward. Trying to force it often will cause frustration and possibly a fall. I enjoy the level I'm at, enjoy the moment and when I reach another step, it becomes an unexpected and rewarding experience. Once that next level is reached it will always be with you.


The complexity in nature is overwhelming when looking at a subject weather it be a landscape, seascape, portrait, or whatever it may be but the beauty and joy of painting is taking that vast amount of complexity and reducing it to a few simple brush strokes. That is what is meant by capturing the essence of the subject and it's a true joy when this can be accomplished.