Monday, December 23, 2013


Those paintings by artists who paint every blade of grass are often less complete than those who can depict many blades of grass by using one large well placed and well handled brush stroke. It takes very little skill to paint one blade of grass at a time. It takes a real master can create fields with just a few brush marks if they are handled just right. Look at John Singer Sargents work as an example.
The painting on the left is one of mine with very little detail but the painting was much stronger because of it.


Bob Woodring said...


I generally don't require much instruction, having survived 53 years of selling my work; yet, there are numerous times I do learn something new, specially when watching you. Two things I appreciate about your talents: I'm impressed by how you isolate mundane scenes and translate them into impressive paintings. Also, just about the time I tag you as a French Impressionist, you pull off something like this piece.

Thank you.


cutedrishti8 said...

It's a great collection. Keep on going! Paintings Online