Saturday, October 08, 2011

Tones tell a story

Here's an example of using an overall tone in a painting (in this case warm) to suggest the feeling of fall. Even the angle of the light which is low on the horizon can suggest that it is a season coming to an end. The subtle touch of red colors under the tree suggests fallen leaves. This suggestion does the trick much better than actually trying to paint leaves with small strokes.
It's actually a very simply done painting with attention to detail being paid to only the areas of primary interest.


sherryscarvings said...

Hi Roger, I've painted many fall landscapes here in the Great Smoky's but I just want to say, that this painting is just "Beautiful". Rather its from here or were you are from, the colors and the lay out is wonderful. I could just feel the fall in the air and smell the burning of the fall leaves. Fall is one of my favorite season's besides Spring. This is a awesome piece of art! love it!!

Debbie said...

Very beautiful, or black & white, art is art! I think this is great (mostly into realism)...have you checked out google + circles yet? Love it...mostly photography...a great way to spend a couple hours ( vs- FB) lol