Thursday, June 25, 2009

A target audience

One very important way to maintain a presence on the internet is to target an audience. I have found that lighthouse paintings have provided me with a niche that can easily be googled as opposed to paintings I do in the mountains which have no real keyword. Hence, no one can really find my mountain paintings as the keyword is simply too broad. Most people that find my lighthouse paintings and prints do so because they are Googling a particular lighthouse such as Sullivan Island lighthouse so it's important to use the word "Sullivan Island" as much as possible in your description to help Google rank it.


Keith Tilley said...

Thanks for that insight Roger. I have the same problem as I paint a lot of mountain and moorland subjects.
In Scotland mountains over 3,000 ft are called Munros, and people who climb them are known as Munro-baggers. It occurs to me that I could paint Munros in the same way that you paint lighthouses.

Susanne49 said...

Hi Roger

First: It was very nice to meet you and Sarah in your Gallery in NC. I've enjoyed to see you painting and to talk with both of you, the same with David.

I'm not that good in keywords, but what about "Smokey Mountains", "North Carolina mountain scenes" "North Carolina painted mountain landscapes" and so on... :)


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