Monday, January 28, 2008

Two elements of painting

There are two elements involved in making a painting. Observation and interpretation. Artists must be able to see clearly and remove all preconceived ideas as to what objects look like. For instance, the idea that tree trunks are brown must be put aside and the study of their real colors which are many and varied must be more closely. Then the process of interpretation comes into play. It is what makes the painter different from the casual photographer. The painter gets to choose what he or she wants to focus on in a way a photographer can not. The painter can achieve the essence of the subject by not only concentrating on that part of the painting but also by leaving other details out or leaving them to the imagination. Interpretation can breathe life into a painting and make it personal.

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Donald Wienand aka Circushund said...

Hello Roger Bansemer,
I just saw your video of the white rose and quite like it (and the building in the back :))
That just reminded me on an article (on my blog) I once wrote about "are the leaves green?"
If u like have a look at:

greetings from germany/hamburg
Donald Wienand