Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Feeling the subject

More often than not, a subject that reaches me most deeply is very simple. Seeing the commonplace and having profound and deep heartfelt feelings about it is what keeps artists alive. When the artist feels it, then the viewer can also. If the artist lacks feelings about a subject, then certainly the viewing public won't feel anything of value either.
If you don't feel the subject, don't paint it or you'll be wasting your efforts.
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Dean H. said...

A beautiful painting, Roger. I really appreciate how the total painting is held together and harmonized by the warm underpainting glowing in patches throughout.

Best wishes, Dean

Gary Dombrowski said...

Roger, Very nice. your work and your wods are very inspirational. ~Gary

Anonymous said...

I agree that the subject matter is very important. It is so difficult for me to get inspired. I have only done two paintings, and my family wants me to paint "this" and "that" for them and I just can't. I tell them "You paint it..if you love it so much." I tell them I can't paint it if I am totally uninspired. I love the house here in your painting. I also agree that frills are unnecessary... -Lyssa

PAFord Pastelist said...

Such a beautiful all of yours are!

maiaT said...

How true it is what you say. In your video demonstrations you chose mainly common places and the resulting paintings are wonderful, like this one (and all of them).
Seeing your works I must agree; feeling (too) makes the artist, but how could I improve or polish my artistic feelings?
I would be grateful for an advice.