Sunday, July 08, 2007

Painting Quickly

I find it very hard to understand why art customers are so interested in asking how long it took to finish a painting. I paint quite quickly but it seems to be a negative if they know how "seemingly" easily they were completed. If a fine guitarist plays with great speed, people applaud their agility. Why is it so different with an artist if the results of the painting are of quality?


Gary Dombrowski said...

I think maybe people feel that if an artist spends an hour on a painting it may not have the same quality as one that took days. How often do viewers take the time to ponder the number of years it has taken an artist to reach the current level they are at?

D.Wienand said...

Hi Roger,
I think there is a differns between either the action of actually doing the painting by means of painting it pysicaly and the prepariation upfront by menas of evolveing it inside the head wander around to find a clever Idea or to let it simmer.
I think it takes both. An artis is neighter only a craftsman nor only a philosph.

David R. Darrow said...

My standard answer (every time) when someone asks how long did this painting take you?: "Almost 50 years. I took the first two years off as 'me time.'"

They need to understand that it is a lifetime of devotion, to studying the art of seeing, to learning to mix paints and draw, and master technical skills that came together to make this painting.

Sam France said...

Knowing you and Sarah makes it quite obvious you see more in a few seconds than most people see in their entire life! Your ability to transfer these "feelings" to others is amazing. Keep strokin'!

Anonymous said...

You're work is simply beautiful. I don't know you, but I detect a caring heart and a good sense of humor in your work. Thank you for inspiring me.

LoLo Brown
Lutz, FL

Edward said...

The analogy to the musician doesn't work because such an integral part of the structure of music is time, and not so for a painting. As an artist and consumer of art, I don't care how long it took to create a painting or other artwork. I am rather fascinated by the creative process though and often ask artists of all types how they work--what their process is like. I think it is a rare glimpse into another's mind.

stschantz said...

To the untrained, spending a lot of time is getting their money's worth.

They are used to thinking in terms of hourly wages.

They do not consider the hours of prep as part of that process.

The years of learning, the long trek to the field for photos or carring your painting equipment there, the hours for it to dry or set up, the presentation, etc.

Like everything else, there is more to it than outsiders realize.

Paul Chan said...

That question need not be taken too literally. In my view, it is often meant to be a compliment. The implied message behind it is: "That is such a great piece of work. It must have taken you a lot of time to do it."