Tuesday, November 21, 2006


You can know everything there is about painting and still not know how to paint. There is a link between your head and heart and your hand. Those elements must be closely connected. All your knowledge of painting has to be transferred from your knowledge and emotions to your hand and brush. That almost mystical communication just comes with time and cannot be accomplished by intellect alone no matter whether your a plumber, doctor, or an artist.


Anonymous said...

I agree you need the desire then the learning comes easy.....I myself love to create with pencil, charcoal,paint etc..I live for it. I just wish I could paint all the time. I am looking forward to the time when I retire so I can spend 90% of my time painting and drawing.
Paul from New Jersey

Gary LaSasso said...

Hi Roger;
I Visited You at your Studio about 10 or 12 Years ago, And New it was just a Matter of Time Until All Would Know of You, because of Your Art, but I Never Realised What an Excellent Teacher You Are.

I have been a Science Fiction Illustrator, (primarily), since 77, and have made My Living in Art for evan longer. I have Known, and was Taught by some Incredible Artists,
Who's Names You would know, but I won't Mention them here.

I have been Reading your Art Advise, and realised That This Text Should be Taught before (or at least during), Anyone Picks up a Pencil or Brush!

Thank You for Sharing This With Others.
I have Read It; and Will Continue to Revisit It, Not just as refreshing reminders of These "Bansemer Axiums", but for The Inspiration These Explanations

Anonymous said...

Just read your blogs. A comment on Left Brain. Hopefully the lady threw away your advice and kept the book. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is actually a very good drawing book, which talks about making the non-verbal spacial judgements that are necessary for accurate representation. But then you are right handed and do draw with your left brain, the verbal side. :) Your friend, Marvin