Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Painting Demonstrations

I have been making some painting demonstration videos and immensly enjoy the process and especially being able to share them online. As to the value of such programs, I wonder if watching someone paint is like thinking you are going to read by listening to someone reading. You may be inspired, motivated, and learn helpful tips but it's doubtful if you will learn to paint. I could be wrong.
If you are interested in watching any of my videos on painting and other short subjects you can find them on my video page.


Zheila said...

Dear Roger
I understand your point to a certain degree but I think painting is like a language, to learn a new language you have to learns the basics and correct grammar and then practice and practice so you can express yourself understandably even if you are not gifted with languages.
Watching a great artist paint would certainly help a newer as much as an experienced one. So please make a painting instructions video, I am sure many would be happy to buy it and find it helpful.

Zheila, Sweden

Jay Babina said...

"You may be inspired, motivated, and learn helpful tips but it's doubtful if you will learn to paint."

Learning to paint is not a black and white affair. You don't suddenly cross a threshold and become a painter. It's a series of growth steps with no defination between. I like your videos a lot and have told numerous other people about your site. I have seen many other videos too and I take something away from every one.

People can learn a lot about painting from your videos and I thank you again for doing them. I graduated from art school in "66 and I'm still learning. I like the spiritual side of your videos where a total appreciation of being there is highly important in the outside painting experience.

- Best wishes