Friday, July 07, 2006

Tone of a painting

Most great paintings that deal in realism have an overall color tone to them. I look at such paintings and immediately say to myself, "This is a green painting, or this is a yellow-ochre painting." There are exceptions but generally an overall tone is a mark of a well thought out, well visulaized painting. It is a mark of someone who sees beyond what one expects. Objects effect each other so strongly with regard to reflected light as well as shadow that a painting will be lacking without these effects being realized on each other and as a whole.

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Anonymous said...

..this is true(as far as I understand the text)
I once made a acrylic painting and put a glazing of red over the entire painting. It was a painting of our house and at this time(commonly it doesnt work!?) it worked and the house just looked like tinted in red sunset atmoshere (even so, there were no sun painted).
I think its a good think to put as many tones on a painting then possible. If someone can differ one tone to the other by the 10.000 times(warm,cold ect.) and actually make this visible (bring it out) its a good thing.