Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Art School

People still ask me where I learned to paint and are looking for an answer about which school I attended as if the attendance at an art school had much to do with current paintings. I don't know why the notion that everything an artist knows came from a few years with a few teachers and the thousands and thousands of paintings I have created since then has nothing to do with that they are looking at in my studio presently.
Artists must give credit to themselves for creating art. This making of paintings has little to do with instruction and a whole lot to do with sitting in front of a canvas and finding ones own way with paint and brush.


Zheila said...

Roger, instructions are also important, even if I have the voice, I still need instructions to become a good singer.


Original Art Paintings said...

I agree with you there Roger. I have seen so many professional artists that are so great, yet they never went to art school. Many state that it was the trial and error that taught them the most. I do believe that instruction helps, but one does not need to go to art school to succeed as an artist. I know I can't afford it!