Monday, June 26, 2006


I have never been on a vacation and gotten away from my job. Never. It's not that I am taking care of business in the normal sense with phone calls and such. I care very little for that. The fact is that everywhere I go and am confronted with colors, shapes, lights and darks, and compositions that I constantly study and analyze. It's like a curse. I can never relax from involving myself with the light. I'm constantly squinting my eyes to see the big patterns, picking up on a reflected color from one object to another. They are there for everyone to see but for some reason I don't think most people see them as I do or at least do not involve themselves with it.
I feel like I have to make a record of magnificent ever changing beauty. Of course, no one cares for the most part but I'm compelled in this work of observation. It may be a bit silly but in other ways it's what creation and the Creator has put here for me to see. I appreciate every element of this light and shadow play so much. I feel I have to express my appreciation for it all in what I do weather it be in paint on canvas or through video.

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